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Dozens of socials, personal and professional links are hard to maintain. Mymetalist is a fast, friendly and easy way to share all of them in one go. No code, no developers. List, Tap and Engage to be relevant in every situation!

Create your identity page in minutes

Connect your socials, website, store, videos, music, podcast, events and more. It all comes together in your dedicated link pages. Always an elevator pitch at hand that simply converts in any different situation.

share your QR code or tap to engage on a NFC device

Easily connect your pages to NFC cards to engage offline too. Your digital business card with dedicated messaging towards your audience.

Unlimited link pages serving your use cases. Easy to share personal or professional relevant information.

Get noticed for FREE

1Enrich your online presence with an offline experience. Use NFC business cards linked to your link pages. Skip expensive providers, use cheap white label NFC cards instead and link them easily to your pages.

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2 Create your own digital business cards. Only use your IPhone to write these NFC cards, skip complexity, without any code.

It’s easy as 1 2 3 as shown in the walk trough here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mymetalist provides a way to easily showcase who you are. Free link pages can act as your digital bussiness card combining social networks, blogs, music players or whatever in a single page. Build link pages as an individual, business or Brand. Let people instantly connect with you or your brand within the blink of a tap.

It’s our mission that everybody can contribute without boundaries and silos.

Think you could contribute? 👉 Create Mymetalist

What? We don’t restrict who you are or want to be! Feel free to use mymetalist anyway you like and share your pages with people you would like to engage with. Actually there are plenty of different pages already. 

Thanks for asking. Let’s say we support over 1900 publishers and growing. Video, audio, apps, photo and images, slideshows, playlists, podcasts, maps, 3D, forms, documents, puzzles, quizzes, graphs and infographics. You get all the new publishers automagically.


Yes, Mymetalist is safe to use. We don’t share data with third parties. Also we don’t store data around communication between you and other participants. 

Mymetalist is free to use but you could support us with a little payment to keep our servers running. We do not want to commercially exploit this initiative and most certainly we don’t sell any data. Stay humble 😉

If you have questions, feedback, suggestions, a good story or proposal? Find us and say hi just here.

Yes sure! You can have a look at some demo profiles or just explore existing listings here.